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  1. ok. but can I use the bot now or should I wait until next release?
  2. I set up my coordinate on San Fransisco pier and kept looking at it. All of sudden, all the pokemon candies and the collected eggs got disappeared first, and soon all the pokemons, except the couple pokemons I just captured at the moment, disappeared too. So I checked it on my phone and stopped the bot right away. Should I still wait till you figure it out?
  3. Ok. but I should probably stop the bot tonight until you figure it out. thanks.
  4. I just stopped my bot because the pokemons from the bot pokedex got deleted. Also, the eggs I collected too. I checked with my phone and it seems like it wasn't real delete. Everything is still in the index but could it be some sort of warning from niantic?
  5. My bot is looting the pokestops for an hour and not catching any pokemon. Is this some sort of soft ban?
  6. Login FAIL. #15010 com.pokegoapi.exceptions.AsyncPokemonGoException: Unknown exception occurred same message here. I got my bossband API too. and work for an hour and now it keeps on failing to login.