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  1. just got vip, and the cheap hash key still waiting on the key...
  2. how soon do purchases go through for vip and the hash key. i understand. these really are good prices too. i get so tired of using pogo ++ lol...
  3. Will the free version for Mac be released today as well? You fix it the login c:
  4. Well it is great, I only got to bot for a day on that windows tools I mentioned /: went from lvl30 to 31, close to 32 I just want to bot the rest of the way to lvl40. I started dec17 took me this long to get here level 30 range and I was and still use pogo++. How come there's coordinates coming through for Pokémon ?do they have their logins fix from the new update?
  5. I hope so I downloaded it today, and signed up this looks so amazing. It is better then this Pokémon tool which doesn't have many features that I wasted 21$ on :c I'm new to using these tools. I'm not a noob though lol. Appreciate this work you've done.