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  1. You are sure that u will release this version ?? Topic of this thread CrazyBot 1.1.7.x w/ Schedule Control will be Ready Soon!
  2. Ok, after Restore to Default.. it is like you said ! Unfortunately not quite so... and many others too
  3. [Important Notice]: For default value, we enabled auto snipe for #16 Pidgey, #81 Magnemite, and #177 Natu. It's for demonstration purpose. You can disable anytime your want in Pokeset tab. NOPE ! Default is all on ! Look at Screenshot
  4. AegidiusBoy

    Download Latest CrazyBot

    @suidacra http://crazybot.ddns.net/forum/announcement/10-mandatory-bossland-api-must-read-before-botting/ the Bot is telling you, what todo !
  5. AegidiusBoy Huge Update Coming Soon!

    Luke, this looks like optional .. but it isn´t