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    after switching to version for API 0.91.2, I was blocked on one account and received the red warning on another. Using a different bot, tested a fresh account, level 1, and it works fine. Note that both accounts that were flagged are both level 20+. Update1: I tested another account, level 20 and was blocked instantly. I checked this account after the first one went down, and saw no errors. I ran the bot for 2 minutes to verify, and saw errors in the log. When checking in on a phone after using the updated bot, the error reads 'failed to retrieve game data from server. Banned. Update2: I logged into another account, level 18 to check, and received a red warning, I had only used this account once this past weekend with the updated bot, and had checked it before during the week, no issues. At this point I believe there is an issue with this new version. I have a different bot running with no issues, same bossland key. I tested one of the previous mentioned accounts on this other bot and no pokestops, no inventory, all monsters, all deleted. Update3: I logged into another account, PTC this time, that had not been botted since before upgrading to the new version and checked, no red warning or ban message. This confirms, all accounts I checked that were used before the crazybot update to for PoGo v0.91.2 have no issues. Any accounts I used after the update were instantly detected and were banned or received a red warning.