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    [Released] Upcoming features in 1.19

    @marryme, its implemented in the bot already, even though its a bit different the pokeset max poke feature is kinda the same. Although i see the point of having to just click one button and then the bot instantly starting to transfer all those pokemon's. I would like to see a function myself where you can actually make the bot transfer pokemon when it's at an X(adjustable) amount of pokemon in the bag, for example at 290. @Luke, this would be do-able for the bot, right?
  2. @mavrick, you're welcome! We're all in this together after all
  3. @mavrick, a bot is never safe to turn on. There is always a small chance you get banned, it just depends on the settings you use. But yes, if you dont adjust any settings to abnormal stats, like walking around at 200 metres per sec, you should be fine to do so. And what luke has said multiple times, "stop botting w/ your major accounts." Ofc you can bot with your main account though, it's on your own risk doing so.