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  1. TMystic456789

    [Released] Upcoming features in 1.19

    There's a bug with the current version. Pokemon count and Pokebank isn't synched correctly. When you manually transfer, it doesn't show up on the count. Notice the 251/250 in the count. Obviously this gets fixed if you log off and log back on.
  2. TMystic456789

    [Released] Upcoming features in 1.19

    Thanks Luke! I just saw the update.
  3. TMystic456789

    [Released] Upcoming features in 1.19

    @Luke can you check the auto shiny favorite feature. For some reason, the latest version auto unfavorites the shiny pokemon after login. With the proper settings, I don't think it'll be high risk at all. It's fairly simple to avoid bans if people understand the game mechanics.
  4. TMystic456789

    [Released] Upcoming features in 1.19

    Thank you Luke. This new update is awesome!
  5. TMystic456789

    [Released] Upcoming features in 1.18

    I find it's much faster to log in via phone/ipad and transfer all pokemon instead of through the bot. It takes 20 seconds on the phone to transfer 100 Pokemon, but it would take the bot 15 minutes.