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  1. [17/09/25 14:03:11] <AUTO SNIPE> [17/09/25 14:03:11] <NO POKEBALL> That is my main issue atm, I dont care about 100k/h cuz lvl 40 is the limit so eventually ill get there, my problem is not to have pokeballs everytime
  2. @Luke im really struggling to get pokeballs, while sniping it wont spin pokestops and if i disable all snipes it still snipes so i have to uncheck 'catch pokemon' (still snipes but way less). thats the only way to get some pokeballs... are we getting an upgrade on how bot gets pokestops in the near future?
  3. Please fix that refresh function cuz it doesnt work like it should, also in pokebank sometimes i transfer some pokemon and it doesnt update candy status and even sometimes when i evolve a pokemon it dissapear from pokebank, takes like an hour to actually display again or i have to turn off and back on the bot to refresh all my pokemons correctly. also today i transfered like 3 pokemons with 95% iv cuz of a misslick so the favore thing is gonna be handy