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  1. marryme

    Chatbox now avaliable

    Awesome, we can now give more support faster!
  2. @Luke, this is regarding to able to select all with transfer. So I know that if we transfer all at once it will most likely result in a ban. How about we can select all and transfer but the bot itself should have a window pop up to confirm for each Pokémon to be transfer. *Note* we can keep clicking in one place instead of moving the mouse back and forth. LAZY BOTTER FTW
  3. Even if the new version does launch, it's NEVER recommended to bot on a main account. So you can wait but chances are there is always a possibility of accounts getting ban and what not even if the bot is up to date.
  4. thanks for the tip, i wasn't aware of IV first, probably I misinterpreted the setting. I've now set CP 4000 while it was 2000 previous and IV at 100%. Lets hopefully we can see some good results after understanding the facts
  5. yes, read the "Guides & Tutorials", "Bot Support", "Bot Settings" you'll be able to learn a lot from it within minutes
  6. you can use up to 4 accounts. What i did was copy and paste the bot folder and named it x1 x2 x3 x4. open each folder and bot individually and then set your setting there.
  7. Where are you botting at? Sniping imo should be done at area where there is a lot of pokestop to reduce the problem of no pokeballs. @Luke, Don't do the crazy xp! You'll be doubling your pm and forum spam with impatience idiots regarding about their bans cause they can't be patience. Also, it came to my concern regarding about the "Transfer duplicated pokemon when under X CP and X IV". Is it just me or am I noticing that the bot itself will only transfer one of the other? I really could care less about the CP of a pokemon, my main focus is IV, I would prefer 100% IV over 9000 CP cause CP you can just upgrade it yourself while IV is impossible. Do you think you could actually implement purely for IV as an option for setting? I rather transfer all pokemon that does not have X amount of IV that I want. I know you can do that at the pokeset setting but i think it should also be in the general setting; so we don't have to go through each one individually. Thanks!
  8. @live, there is an app for remote access, call teamviewer. they also have an explanation on how to use it. here's the link.
  9. not sure if you're talking about the bot automatically doing it for itself or not but if you manually transfer the pokemons via bot, it's pretty quick to transfer all of them
  10. @Luke, not sure if this has been mentioned before or not but do you think it will be more useful if we can select a numbers of pokemons we want to transfer at once instead of just keep on clicking the transfer to transfer individual pokemon.