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  1. : Auto Snipe Dash Speed in Settings Transfer in Pokeset now refers to Settings tab IV then CP , to fix tranfer IV100% issue Remove #81, #177 in default snipe config Remove #13 notification in Pokeset Wrong walking distance while auto snipe
  2. We will release another version to fix these issues later today tks
  3. Please make a clean installation as it's config conflict w/ previous version. or you can click restore default and see if it fixed.
  4. Screen capture and log plz, also check this: http://crazybot.ddns.net/forum/announcement/19-login-issue-read-this-for-quick-fix/
  5. Update(4:11pm, GMT+0, 2017/Mar/9): VIP ready! Thanks for your waiting! Bossland API is now necessary. Update(3:21pm, GMT+0, 2017/Mar/9): Finally, it's done. VIP members get ready to download file. Update(2:35pm, GMT+0, 2017/Mar/9): After tons of trial'n error, finally we got login works. Now need to deal w/ tons of bug. Update(11:00pm, GMT+0, 2017/Mar/8): Confirmed Niantic changed login URL and procedure, still struggling. Update(8:23am, GMT+0, 2017/Mar/8): We've addressed the possible reason, and are now working on code patch. Update(2:03am, GMT+0, 2017/Mar/8): Due to Poke Server update, login issue re-occurs. All bots in the world down again. We are fully aware of the issue and will work out an update asap. Update(1:17am, GMT+0, 2017/Feb/24): Good news that we found a way to access via legacy api. Bossland API remains optional but still recommended to avoid captcha or ban hammer. Non-VIP can also get for free! We appreciate you would upgrade to VIP so we can move further! Update(4:57pm, GMT+0, 2017/Feb/23): Time to take a rest for a while. Will be AFK. Update(3:58pm, GMT+0, 2017/Feb/23): Go get the VIP download: http://crazybot.ddns.net/forum/announcement/14-crazybot-pokemon-go-1470-vip-only-fix-ptcgoogle-login-server-issue/ Update(3:18pm, GMT+0, 2017/Feb/23): Good news, finally login issue sorted. Arranging release now. Will be ready in half hour. Update(11:33am, GMT+0, 2017/Feb/23): Confirmed Niantic blocked all legacy API access, which means no free bot from now on unless Bossland changes mind to release hash key for free. For CrazyBot release, if luck beta would come out in couple hours. Thanks for waiting! Update(8:16am, GMT+0, 2017/Feb/23): We have found the critical point for login issue. However, Niantic seems block legacy API access. Which means only Bossland API would be allowed to login. If confirmed, no more free bot in the world unless Bossland releases their API for free. Update(3:43am, GMT+0, 2017/Feb/23): Confirmed Pogo server did some modification. All map and bot are now inactive including CrazyBot. We are addressing the issue and will release beta to VIP first once ready. Update(1:15am, GMT+0, 2017/Feb/23): Seems Pogo Server is working on some modification, we are fully aware of it and will see how to sort it out. Update(11:04pm GMT+0, 2017/Feb/22): Pogo server is down, hence we got "Remote Server is down" error message. More Info: https://twitter.com/PokemonGoApp
  6. ETD for snipe around 2 weeks. Snipe and map are not related. Anyhow we will fix map issue once pokeset/pokebank ready.
  7. <Click to Download> <Become VIP to Get Premium Features> Buddy Pokemon support. Remove restriction of Bossland API from VIP group. Fixed the issue that Pokedex/Pokemon incorrect data. Now you can click verify Bossland api. Better usability/UI for Bossland api support. Notification of catch Pokemon also display GPS coords. Force to use best ball when out of Pokeball. Pokeset UI preview.
  8. Pokeset will be ready in couple days, now it's for preview only as stated in announcement.
  9. Okay, then we should have no problem to fix. This also tells why less people reports this issue.
  10. By the way, it's windows or Mac? We found Mac version is easier to replicate the issue.
  11. Should be no concern keep this version as it's just data error. Be safe, you can use your spare accounts as for now it's unclear Niantic's algorithm for bot detection.
  12. Try to set GPS location to another position. such as NY central park. Remember to stop bot for reasonable break before changing any GPS location.
  13. <Click to Download> <Become VIP to Get Premium Features> Better support for API Device emulator to lower ban risk. (VIP only) Improve anti-softban algorithm. Improve egg tab UI. Add Facebook like and help button. Improve break-time algorithm to be more human-like. Fix some incorrect data in Pokedex. Fix transfer fail issue.
  14. We might see the possible root cause. Will fix it in next release.
  15. Not yet, still doing alpha tests and resolve some bugs. ETD by this weekend.
  16. Update(2017/Mar/12): Huge Updated Coming Soon: 1. Advanced Pokemon Management, we call this "Pokeset" finally ready! Allow you to manage Pokemon individually such as how many Pokemons you'd like to keep from auto transfer. Auto snipe is also ready per requested. 2. Since Bossland becomes mandatory, CrazyBot automatically verified Bossland API key when click start. Also show you time remaining. 3. You can manually verify if Bossland api key valid or not. 4. Buddy Pokemon is now showing in dashboard. 5. In statistic, showing RPM remaining. 6. Push bullet notification for catch pokemon would also show GPS coord for your record. So you would know what and where you catch'em.
  17. Thanks. Please can you explain how it happens? We will have to replicate the issue here.
  18. double confirmed w/ you, what's the CrazyBot version?
  19. No, it's not. We are investigating the possible issue. I think it's our bug.
  20. Oops, forgot to mention now push bullet notification for catch pokemon would also show GPS coord for your record. So you would know what and where you catch'em.
  21. Oops, forgot to mention now push bullet notification for catch pokemon would also show GPS coord for your record. So you would know what and where you catch'em.
  22. Actually..... we are considering beta test team. Will discuss internally and see how it works.