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  1. ^ this has fixed the issue if anybody else gets this, steps, 1. open terminal and type, ` cd /Users/{this will be the username on your mac}/settings/` then press enter example cd /Users/Lece/settings/` 2. type 'ls' and you will see 1 file called config.conf, 3 type `rm -rf config.conf` 4 go to where you downloaded the crazy bot app and right click and open package content, 5 in contents/java there is a file called `CrazyBot-PokemonGO.jar`run that, 6 if step 5 doesn't work hold ctrl and press 'CrazyBot-PokemonGO.jar' then click open GOOD LUCK HAPPY BOTTING
  2. hmm having trouble with the app launching now, it starts the app in the dock but doesn't open any GUI. I am on Mac, el Capitan 10.11.6, java version update 121.
  3. I can log in however just stuck on a state of Initializing