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    <Click to Download> <Become VIP (60% off for launch sale)> <Click to Download> <Become VIP (60% off for launch sale)>
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    Update(11:45am, GMT+0, 2017/April/9): ready, enjoy Update(11:35am, GMT+0, 2017/April/9): beta ready, preparing release for VIP. Update(10:00am, GMT+0, 2017/April/9): Fixing some build error, will soon release beta to VIP first. Update(1:00am, GMT+0, 2017/April/9): We are now doing code integration, will release VIP version once ready.
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    Thanks for supporting CrazyBot!
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    Maybe this would help to avoid ban. Try to be human-like botting some hours instead of 24/7. 1.11.7.x w/ schedule control will be ready soon. You can bot like a human via hourly basis schedule control.
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    The Bot is allways up-to-date, gets API compatiblity in about hours after an API update. There are Tons of settings to customize nearly every aspect of botting. It got a very good human like Botsystem to lower risk of ban but there is an option to let the Boss use a crazy Mode with a more aggressive style of botting. There is a helping community and a very good and familiar link between Community and Devs. So good suggestions of the Members will be integrated in the Bot. Short: - Allways up-to-date - low to none ban risk because of many options (Crazymode is own risk) - nice support and community - good community suggestions finding the way into the Bot
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    GOOGLE map disappears and will not be updated immediately
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    Pokebank will be upgraded in 1.18 version: 1. Support Shiny pokemon. Automatically add to favorite list to avoid transfer. 2. Support costume pokemon. Automatically add to favorite list to avoid transfer. 3. Support pokemon level display in Pokebank. 4. Will add an export button to dump all pokebank data into an excel file.
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    Use your email address to login in works well?
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    I love it! its working great, i know improvements are coming slowly but surely. and suggestions are heard. haven't had any ban issues but i do follow the sittings that is set to keep the account as human like as possible. all in all 5 stars for the experience and how well it is working for the amount you are paying.
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    I find it's much faster to log in via phone/ipad and transfer all pokemon instead of through the bot. It takes 20 seconds on the phone to transfer 100 Pokemon, but it would take the bot 15 minutes.
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    Try to release this week. Normally we don't provide beta version for testing.
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    Update(10:00am, GMT+0, 2017/April/9): Fixing some build error, will soon release beta to VIP first.
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    Update(2017/Mar/28): Release: Pokebank is now ready! To power up/transfer/evolve/buddy/favorite your pokemon(s) Pushbullet now supports unicode Minor texts updated Update(2017/Mar/25): Pokebank coming soon! Finally you can use CrazyBot to power up/transfer/evolve/buddy/favorite your pokemon(s):
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    thanks luke, keep up the great work
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    http://crazybot.ddns.net/forum/announcement/18-login-issue-due-to-pogo-server-update-for-0574/ Working on it but no ETD given. I can only say asap.
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    Be aware of that you don't have bossland api to bot till lv 40 is seeking a ban hammer.
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    try to get it back by 24 hours, working on code patch now.
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    bot is down? when i try to log on its says login fail. but my account information is right. plz help me
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    Our staff found this youtube posted by Kyjj, it's in Chinese. It's more than welcome that any sort of language promoting our CrazyBot. In return, we would provide 5 VIP-30 accounts for free to this community. Happy Crazy Botting https://www.facebook.com/cheatemissary/
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    Thanks LUke Beautiful update thank you
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    Hi Luke, i can't see new VIP download button ? can you link it ? Or its some error on site ?
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    Please use your e-mail address as username to login and see if it works.