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Why VIP?

This announcement is no longer active


Thanks for supporting CrazyBot, especially all of VIP members. Without your support we can't get that far!

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[Important Notice-Bossland API is Mandatory before botting] http://crazybot.org/forum/announcement/10-mandatory-bossland-api-must-read-before-botting/


Upcoming Features:


Benefits of VIP:

0. To buy us a cup of coffee, to support us move forward!

1. To pay the server cost here in Crazybot. We spent couple hundred bucks per month for operation cost. 

2. Early bird beta release. Such as 2nd generation pokemon support in 1.3.2 VIP release, as well as new backpack items management in You would get CrazyBot release earlier than non-VIP members.

More info for early bird beta: http://crazybot.ddns.net/forum/announcement/14-crazybot-pokemon-go-ver-1371vip-only-for-2nd-generation-pokemon-now-released-057-api-support/




3. Schedule control: You can bot like a human via hourly basis schedule control.



4. Hot Spot drop down menu:

hot spot.png


5. Device Emulator, to fake your PC to be a mobile device. Lower ban risk.



6. PushBullet notification, customized events to get notification on your mobile phone or even smart watch.

11 (2).png



7. Egg management:



8. Pokeset: Advanced Pokemon Management. Individually manage Pokemon, such as keep how many Pokomons, use Razzberry and so on.



9. Pokebank, to allow you PowerUp/Evolve/Transfer/Buddy/Favorite your Pokemon(s).




10. Auto Snipe:

Auto Snipe now ready. It's the most powerful and smart than ever. Try to imagine when someone sitting 500 meters away and yelling that there is a Dragonite , Snorlax, or even Tyranitar. What would you do? You would run and dash to it then try to catch it in time. CrazyBot doing exactly the same behavior instead of other bots just teleporting. It's more secure indeed. just setup your preferred Pokemon(s) w/ Auto Snipe in Pokeset and catch them all w/ human-like logic!



11. GMap:



12. Crazy Mode for fast XP leveling:




13. Auto login/Auto start bot:



14. GYM. (coming soon)

15. Prioritized VIP support in forum.

16. You can export Pokebank to an excel file.



Much more ...

[Important Notice-Bossland API is Mandatory before botting] http://crazybot.org/forum/announcement/10-mandatory-bossland-api-must-read-before-botting/

We would keep improving CrazyBot as committed. Happy CrazyBotting!