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CrazyBot Pokemon GO Bot - (VIP only) NOW READY for API 0.69

This announcement is no longer active


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      • ixed login stuck issue. (Special thank AegidiusBoy for debugging)
      • Fixed uptime incorrect issue.
      • Fixed bossland api key verify issue.


        • API 0.69 support
        • Improved watchdog
        • More information for #15014


          • Fixed PTC login issue
          • Fixed bot stuck issue
          • Fixed watchdog timeout during schedule break


          • API 0.67.1 support
          • Try to fix bot stuck issue
          • PTC login still has some issue, will fix it asap


          • Crash issue due to gmap finally fixed.


          • Schedule tab ready, to bot like a human with hourly basis schedule control.
          • Fix schedule issue that bot keeps doing re-auth when Sunday.
          • Fix stop bot enabled in settings causes bot launches fail.



 ready, enjoy!

          • API 0.61 support.
          • Tenporarily remove map tab until memory leak issue fixed.



          • Fix Pokeset can't save on
          • Fix auto close memory issue on



          • Support API 0.59.2.
          • Fix GMap issue.
          • Add GMap API to increase daily allowance.
          • Add map tab, screen capture below.
          • Add Hot Spot drop down menu. You can select most famous locations in the world for botting.
          • Improve usability for Pokeset/Pokebank. Now both of them would auto sort in list.
          • Display Java info and GMap API in title bar.


          hot spot.png



          • Pokebank is now ready! To power up/transfer/evolve/buddy/favorite your pokemon(s)
          • Pushbullet now supports unicode
          • Minor texts updated


          Almost done after fighting days'n nights:



          Pokebank coming soon! Finally you can use CrazyBot to power up/transfer/evolve/buddy/favorite your pokemon(s):




          • Auto Snipe Dash Speed in Settings
          • Transfer in Pokeset now refers to Settings tab IV then CP
          • Remove #81, #177 in default snipe config
          • Remove #13 notification in Pokeset
          • Wrong walking distance while auto snipe



          • Auto Snipe:

          Auto Snipe now ready. It's the most powerful and smart than ever. Try to imagine when someone sitting 500 meters away and yelling that there is a Dragonite , Snorlax, or even Tyranitar. What would you do? You would run and dash to it then try to catch it in time. CrazyBot doing exactly the same behavior instead of other bots just teleporting. It's more secure indeed. just setup your preferred Pokemon(s) w/ Auto Snipe in Pokeset and catch them all w/ human-like logic!


          [Important Notice]: For default value, we enabled auto snipe for #16 Pidgey. It's for demonstration purpose. You can disable anytime you want in Pokeset tab.


          • Pokeset:

          Finally it's ready. Now you can setup how many Pokemon(s) you'd like to keep from transfer, as well as best ball, or Razzberry needed to catch.

          The most amazing thing is you can setup if you'd like to get notification when catch rare Pokemon(s) such as Dragonite , Snorlax, or even Tyranitar from PushBullet!


          [Important Notice]: Pinapberry and Nanabberry are not yet available. Will add them in future release.


          • PushBullet Notification Improvement:

          Now you can enable notification for new Pokedex entry. Also filtering by IV for catch Pokemon notification.



          • Display Expired Date for Bossland API:



          • Still need manually transfer, evolve, and power up? This feature we call "Pokebank" and will be released next week. It's to allow you manage individually on each Pokemon, such as transfer, evolve, power up or even set your buddy Pokemon. UI preview will be provided in couple days.




            • Buddy Pokemon support.
            • Remove restriction of Bossland API from VIP group.
            • Fixed the issue that Pokedex/Pokemon incorrect data.
            • Now you can click verify Bossland api. Better usability/UI for Bossland api support.
            • Notification of catch Pokemon also display GPS coords.
            • Force to use best ball when out of Pokeball.
            • Pokeset UI preview.






   Huge Updated Coming Soon:

            • 1. Advanced Pokemon Management, we call this "Pokeset" finally ready! Allow you to manage Pokemon individually such as how many Pokemons you'd like to keep from auto transfer. Auto snipe is also ready per requested.
            • 2. Since Bossland becomes mandatory, CrazyBot automatically verified Bossland API key when click start. Also show you time remaining.
            • 3. You can manually verify if Bossland api key valid or not.
            • 4. Buddy Pokemon is now showing in dashboard.
            • 5. In statistic, showing RPM remaining.
            • 6. Push bullet notification for catch pokemon would also show GPS coord for your record. So you would know what and where you catch'em.


            Buddy UI preview.



   VIP release now ready. To support 0.57.4.



            1.6.7.x VIP release coming soon w/ Advanced Pokemon Management:



     Now Ready:

              • Fix transfer fail issue.
              • Fix captcha issue.


     Now Ready:

              • Better support for API 0.57.3.
              • Device emulator to lower ban risk. (VIP only)
              • Improve anti-softban algorithm.
              • Improve egg tab UI.
              • Add Facebook like and help button.
              • Improve break-time algorithm to be more human-like.
              • Fix some incorrect data in Pokedex.



     Release: (Device Emulator) Coming Soon!

              • We found this could be useful to reduce ban risk. To have hardware id emulator to fake your PC to a mobile device.



              • Advanced egg management.
              • Add useful information for login error.
              • Fixed duration to catch pokemon always 60 sec.
              • Show <NO POKEBALL> when out of balls.
              • To avoid copyright issue, update all pokemon graphic. Thanks "The Artificial" to provide great artworks.




              • 2nd-gen Pokemon support.
              • New backpack item support.
              • Fix PTC/Google login server issue.
              • Googlemap now working.
              • Fix BugON issue. Credit to thedreadedfrost, VIP-30 promoted.
              • Display member group and bossland information on title.

              Update(1am, 2017/Feb/23):

              Ver. (VIP only) Fix PTC/Google login server issue!

              Update(1am, 2017/Feb/22):

              Ver.1.4.7.x will be ready soon. Egg management system.

              Update(4pm, 2017/Feb/19):

              Ver. release. Fix login issue when using special character. Fix backpack layout issue.

              Update(9am, 2017/Feb/19):

              Ver. release. To fix <BACKPACK FULL> issue, also you can manage new backpack items.



              Update(1am, 2017/Feb/19):

              Ver. under beta testing. To fix <BACKPACK FULL> issue. Will release in couple hours.


              We are fully aware of <BACKPACK FULL> issue. It's because not yet handled new items such as PinapBerry, NanabBerry and so on. It will be fixed and release to VIP members within 24 hours.


              We are Crazy to announce that version 1.3.2 beta already released to support 2nd-generation Pokemons.

              To appreciate our VIP members, this release is for VIP only.

              We are now doing full function test, will release to public once completed.