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Update(2017/Mar/9): Bossland API is now mandatory as Niantic blocked all legacy access.  Your purchase is going to Bossland, but not to CrazyBot for this API key.


If you wait more than 1 hour but not receive the key, solution here:



You can find all of the BossLand packages here:


or Purchase through our web site(re-direct to bossland's purchase system):


The cheapest package right now, is the 150 RPM one and it costs like $4,30 or so. We have calculated that 1 Pokémon GO account uses something like 30-35 RPM. This means that a 150 RPM package should be good for 4 Pokémon GO account. With a bit of luck maybe 5 but that's not advisable.


If you want to use a BossLand key with our bot then you can buy 1 (or more than 1) at the BossLand website noticed above. You will get your key within a few hours after paying, on your e-mail. You can then use this key at the Pokémon GO login part on our client. Normally it takes around 15 mins to get the key via email.  


What is RPM?

RPM stands for Requests Per Minute. Everything you do on Pokémon GO: catching Pokemon, farming stops, transfering or evolving Pokemon etc, just everything, needs 1 or a few requests. So if you catch a Pokemon, it's 1 request. If you farm a Pokestop, it's 1 request, etc. The bot will stop whenever you're out of RPM, and it will start again as soon as a minute has passed because that's when the RPM resets back to 0 again.

This is why you don't want to run alot of accounts on a single 150 RPM key. If you run 8 accounts on it for example, while we've already calculated that 4 is pretty much the max on a single 150 RPM key, than you'd be out of RPM after like 30 or 40 seconds. This means that all bots will stop doing something for 20 seconds.


How to install Bossland API?

0. Go to https://talk.pogodev.org/d/51-api-hashing-service-by-pokefarmer to get a key, 150RPM suggested.

1. Once you purchase Bossland API, you would get the key via email. The mail would be something like this:


2. Enter your PokeHash key in CrazyBot:


3. Click Start, once you see <USE Bossland API>, CrazyBot is botting w/ Bossland API.

bossland active.png

4. Enjoy botting: