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  1. [Released] Upcoming features in 1.19

    In settings. It would be great if you turn off "Catch Pokemon" or have a checkbox to enable/disable Snipe. Sometimes I just want to loot and can't as long as anything is check marked to snipe. In the Pokeset tab, it would be nice to be able to have a checkbox for Evolve like there is for Transfer that would allow you to bypass the defaults set in the setting tab. A nice to have on this tab is the ability to "check/uncheck all in each column for quick selection options. Kinda like you have in the schedule. I often change things in the settings tab or even in the schedule or pokeset tabs ... it would be nice to have a button to refresh the new config settings without having to wait for it to refresh itself. An example would be checking and unchecking "Use Lucky Egg" ... it seems to take a LONG time for that to take effect.