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  1. Windows

    Love this bot, Best one out, Constantly updated with new features. No ban issues. Very customized settings, You will not find a better Pokemon go bot!
  2. Chatbox now avaliable

  3. [Released] Upcoming features in 1.20

    i hope so thats a good idea
  4. [Released] Upcoming features in 1.20

    bosland api is down forawhile for updates . will work fine later
  5. [Released] Upcoming features in 1.18

    Luke where are the new options for shinies located or is it automatic i dont see settings for it anywhere ?
  6. [Released] Upcoming features in 1.18

    As of now its only possible to set a iv % or cp amount for evolve criteria ,
  7. [Released] Upcoming features in 1.18

    Excellent ! .. Shiny support is very much needed ! THANKS LUKE,