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  1. Pinap Berry/Nanab Berry will be supported in 1.20 release.
  2. <Click to Download> <Become VIP (60% off for launch sale)> <Click to Download> <Become VIP (60% off for launch sale)>
  3. Update(11:45am, GMT+0, 2017/April/9): ready, enjoy Update(11:35am, GMT+0, 2017/April/9): beta ready, preparing release for VIP. Update(10:00am, GMT+0, 2017/April/9): Fixing some build error, will soon release beta to VIP first. Update(1:00am, GMT+0, 2017/April/9): We are now doing code integration, will release VIP version once ready.
  4. Download Latest CrazyBot

    Disable 2-factor doesn't work. You need to setup app password by following the step I provided.
  5. Download Latest CrazyBot

    Try PTC account. If it works then its google 2-factor issue. solution here: http://crazybot.org/forum/topic/566-solution-for-15014/
  6. Niantic is now putting 0.75 as forced update. Suggest you stop using major accounts for botting to avoid ban. As always, we suggest you to create spare accounts for botting.
  7. Download Latest CrazyBot

    Need API update, bossland is working on it!
  8. Bossland claims it's almost done for UK27.
  9. Download Latest CrazyBot

    Solution in there, its google 2 factor issue.
  10. Current api still has potential ban risk.
  11. Download Latest CrazyBot

    API 0.79.3 ready, please go download section to update your bot! http://crazybot.org/forum/files/
  12. Download Latest CrazyBot

    Working on it. Niantic blocked 0.77 api access, need to wait bossland update the api to support 0.79.3
  13. Download Latest CrazyBot

    Working on it. Niantic blocked 0.77 api access, need to wait bossland update the api to support 0.79.3
  14. Pinapberry and nanabberry are now doing beta testing:
  15. Many members keep PMing me they need better XP or performance. Next version would bring you Crazy Mode to reduce delay time for double XP fast leveling. Post your comments and let us know what your thoughts.
  16. We would look into this thanks.
  17. We just patched our forum and then added chatbox as promised. Enjoy!
  18. just use spare accounts. For api key, need to wait till bossland crack it. If they fail, all bots and maps in the world = RIP
  19. bossland server issue http://crazybot.org/forum/topic/566-solution-for-15014/
  20. released Add Crazy Mode for fast leveling. It's 3 times XP, but use at your own risk. Auto scan Shiny/Costume Pokemon then add to favorite list to avoid transfer. Optimization for hard ban and shadow ban. Disabled duration to catch next Pokemon as default.
  21. We will see how to improve this in near future.
  22. For custom route feature, it's in to-do-list. Will deliver in future release.
  23. 50 test accounts are now functional here.