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    [Important Notice-Bossland API is Mandatory before botting] http://crazybot.org/forum/announcement/10-mandatory-bossland-api-must-read-before-botting/ More info: http://crazybot.ddns.net/forum/announcement/
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    Many members keep PMing me they need better XP or performance. Next version would bring you Crazy Mode to reduce delay time for double XP fast leveling. Post your comments and let us know what your thoughts.
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    Pokebank will be upgraded in 1.18 version: 1. Support Shiny pokemon. Automatically add to favorite list to avoid transfer. 2. Support costume pokemon. Automatically add to favorite list to avoid transfer. 3. Support pokemon level display in Pokebank. 4. Will add an export button to dump all pokebank data into an excel file.
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    Thanks for supporting CrazyBot!
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    Hey @Luke I'm new to Crazybot, thanks to you and your team for all the amzing work you do. About a year ago when I was still botting a lot, we used to have a feature that allowed us to rename our pokemon and then also add the IV to the name automatically, so that when we went back to play the game legitly on our phones, I would be able to tell what IV certain pokemon were at. Any plans on doing something similar in the future? Many Thanks
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    Even if the new version does launch, it's NEVER recommended to bot on a main account. So you can wait but chances are there is always a possibility of accounts getting ban and what not even if the bot is up to date.
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    For custom route feature, it's in to-do-list. Will deliver in future release.
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    @mavrick, a bot is never safe to turn on. There is always a small chance you get banned, it just depends on the settings you use. But yes, if you dont adjust any settings to abnormal stats, like walking around at 200 metres per sec, you should be fine to do so. And what luke has said multiple times, "stop botting w/ your major accounts." Ofc you can bot with your main account though, it's on your own risk doing so.
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    thanks for the tip, i wasn't aware of IV first, probably I misinterpreted the setting. I've now set CP 4000 while it was 2000 previous and IV at 100%. Lets hopefully we can see some good results after understanding the facts
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    1. I think no turning back for crazy xp, default is disabled. 2. For CP and IV, actually it's IV first. For example, bot would always keep higher IV. Suggest you can setup CP2000 + IV99. We would set these value to default in next release.
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    you can use up to 4 accounts. What i did was copy and paste the bot folder and named it x1 x2 x3 x4. open each folder and bot individually and then set your setting there.
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    Where are you botting at? Sniping imo should be done at area where there is a lot of pokestop to reduce the problem of no pokeballs. @Luke, Don't do the crazy xp! You'll be doubling your pm and forum spam with impatience idiots regarding about their bans cause they can't be patience. Also, it came to my concern regarding about the "Transfer duplicated pokemon when under X CP and X IV". Is it just me or am I noticing that the bot itself will only transfer one of the other? I really could care less about the CP of a pokemon, my main focus is IV, I would prefer 100% IV over 9000 CP cause CP you can just upgrade it yourself while IV is impossible. Do you think you could actually implement purely for IV as an option for setting? I rather transfer all pokemon that does not have X amount of IV that I want. I know you can do that at the pokeset setting but i think it should also be in the general setting; so we don't have to go through each one individually. Thanks!
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    There is some limitation for current design. Will see how to make this happen in future release.
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    Something like this: [17/09/25 08:59:03] Next break time: 08:59, 2018/09/25 [17/09/25 08:59:27] too many items (Super Potion), set count: 90 => 25 [17/09/25 08:59:38] too many items (Pinap Berry), set count: 90 => 35 [17/09/25 08:59:48] too many items (Razz Berry), set count: 90 => 25 [17/09/25 09:04:50] (01.6969,-01.9696)=>(01.6969,-01.1000), Distance: 40 m (18 seconds) [17/09/25 10:08:01] Loot Dungeon SUCCESS, XP:50, Great Ball:12, Super Potion:12 [17/09/25 10:08:15] Loot Sculpture SUCCESS, XP:50, Potion:1, Poké Ball:10000 [17/09/25 10:08:27] Loot Museum SUCCESS, XP:50, Potion:1, Some Ball:312 [17/09/25 09:04:50] (01.6969,-01.9696)=>(01.6969,-01.1000), Distance: 49 m (18 seconds) [17/09/25 10:09:07] Select #16 Pidgey(CP:20, IV:21%) to transfer [17/09/25 10:09:19] Transfer #16 Pidgey(CP:229, IV:24%) SUCCESS [17/09/25 09:04:50] (01.6969,-01.9696)=>(01.6969,-01.1000), Distance: 51 m (18 seconds) [17/09/25 10:08:15] Loot Sculpture SUCCESS, XP:50, Potion:1, Poké Ball:1, Nanab Berry:1 [17/09/25 10:12:32] Encounted: #129 Magikarp(CP:460000, IV:101%) [17/09/25 10:12:41] Use Poké Ball (CATCH_SUCCESS), XP: 260 [17/09/25 10:12:41] Wait 6 seconds to catch the next pokemon. [17/09/25 10:13:32] Arrived Point: (01.6969,-01.9696) [17/09/25 10:23:48] no catchable pokemons Right now you only use green for START, STOP, USE DEVICE, EGG, etc..... so different colors would make the logs easier to read
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    Auto favorite when you catch that. Also when would automatically avoid from transfer/evolve.
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    Got multiple instances updated and working great. I did notice the level column on the Pokebank tab filters as letters instead of numbers. Consider adding a "0" as a leading character for single digit values, or format the column as integers instead of characters.
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    Loving 1.18 keep up the good work!
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    Hello I love this bot. However, I wanted to inquire whether a possibility can be created, with which I can control, which Pokemon are to be evoluted and which not? For example evolute Pidgey and do not evolute Eevee
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    I find it's much faster to log in via phone/ipad and transfer all pokemon instead of through the bot. It takes 20 seconds on the phone to transfer 100 Pokemon, but it would take the bot 15 minutes.
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    Try to release this week. Normally we don't provide beta version for testing.