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CrazyBot Pokemon GO Bot - w/ Latest Bossland API 0.77.1 Support!



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[Important Notice-Bossland API is Mandatory before botting] http://crazybot.org/forum/announcement/10-mandatory-bossland-api-must-read-before-botting/


Upcoming Features:



  • API 0.77.1 ready. Still not yet confirmed if API has potential risk of ban due to UNK27.
  • Improved catch algorithm to fix no catchable pokemon issue. Now it can catch up to 200 pokemons per hour.


  • Pinapberry, Nanabberry supported.



  • API 0.75 ready. Note: if anyone claims 0.75.1 supported it,s fake info. Bossland supports 0.75 for now.
  • Bosslan supported api version: https://pokehash.buddyauth.com/api/hash/versions
  • Improved catch algorithm to fix no catchable pokemon issue. Now it can catch up to 200 pokemons per hour.
  • Improved pokeball usage. Auto stop encountering but just loot pokestops to fill up inventory.
  • Reduced API usage for lower ban risk. Now 150rpm key can support up to 10 accounts botting at the same time.



  • Improved Crazy Mode. Reduced API usage for lower ban risk.
  • Fixed bot stuck issue of preparinng pokedex. (Super Thanks hindergod for debugging)
  • Fixed favorite pokemon issue. (Special thanks hindergod for debugging)
  • Add Crazy Mode for fast leveling. It's 3 times XP, but use at your own risk.
  • Auto scan Shiny/Costume Pokemon then add to favorite list to avoid transfer.
  • Optimization for hard ban and shadow ban.
  • Disabled duration to catch next Pokemon as default.




  • Support Shiny pokemon. Automatically add to favorite list to avoid transfer.
  • Support costume pokemon. Automatically add to favorite list to avoid transfer.
  • Support pokemon level display in Pokebank.
  • Optimization for hard ban and shadow ban again.
  • Enable debug message by default.




  • Optimization for hard ban and shadow ban.
  • Optimization for pokeball usage.
  • Add 1/2/3 hours for schedule.




  • Optimized again to lower ban risk.
  • Fixed push bullet notification bug on User Level Changed. (Special thanks to Digital-Jester for debugging)
  • Add more debug info of #15010.
  • Now offer non-VIP members 2 hours trial.


  • Improved shadow ban and lower ban risk again.
  • Fixed captcha issue.


  • Fixed bot stuck issue during initializing state. (Thanks Wwout for TeamViewr debugging.) 
  • Fixed auto snipe issue. (Thanks Artic86 for debugging.)
  • Improved shadow ban issue.
  • FIxed incorrect uptime% issue.
  • Auto detect for Pogo account.
  • Auto start/auto login feature for VIP member.
  • autostartlogin.jpg



  • API 0.69.1 support.
  • FIxed incorrect uptime% issue.


  • Fixed login stuck issue. (Special thank AegidiusBoy for debugging)
  • Fixed uptime incorrect issue.
  • Fixed bossland api key verify issue.


  • API 0.69 support
  • Improved watchdog
  • More information for #15014


  • Fixed PTC login issue
  • Fixed bot stuck issue
  • Fixed watchdog timeout during schedule break


  • API 0.67.1 support
  • Try to fix bot stuck issue
  • PTC login still has some issue, will fix it asap


  • Crash issue due to gmap finally fixed.


  • Schedule tab ready, to bot like a human with hourly basis schedule control.
  • Fix schedule issue that bot keeps doing re-auth when Sunday.
  • Fix stop bot enabled in settings causes bot launches fail.


Update(2017/April/9): ready, enjoy!

  • API 0.61 support.
  • Tenporarily remove map tab until memory leak issue fixed.

Update(2017/April/4): Release:

  • Fix Pokeset can't save on
  • Fix auto close memory issue on

Update(2017/April/3): Release:

  • Support API 0.59.2.
  • Fix GMap issue.
  • Add GMap API to increase daily allowance.
  • Add map tab, screen capture below.
  • Add Hot Spot drop down menu. You can select most famous locations in the world for botting.
  • Improve usability for Pokeset/Pokebank. Now both of them would auto sort in list.
  • Display Java info and GMap API in title bar.


hot spot.png

Update(2017/Mar/28): Release:

  • Pokebank is now ready! To power up/transfer/evolve/buddy/favorite your pokemon(s)
  • Pushbullet now supports unicode
  • Minor texts updated



11 (2).png


Almost done after fighting days'n nights:


Pokebank coming soon! Finally you can use CrazyBot to power up/transfer/evolve/buddy/favorite your pokemon(s):

Update(2017/Mar/21): Release:

  • Auto Snipe Dash Speed in Settings
  • Transfer in Pokeset now refers to Settings tab IV then CP
  • Remove #81, #177 in default snipe config
  • Remove #13 notification in Pokeset
  • Wrong walking distance while auto snipe