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    Latest Ver:, 2018/Mar/12
    Login Server: ONLINE
    PogoAPI Ver: 0.91.2

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    • after switching to version for API 0.91.2, I was blocked on one account and received the red warning on another. Using a different bot, tested a fresh account, level 1, and it works fine. Note that both accounts that were flagged are both level 20+. Update1: I tested another account, level 20 and was blocked instantly. I checked this account after the first one went down, and saw no errors. I ran the bot for 2 minutes to verify, and saw errors in the log. When checking in on a phone after using the updated bot,  the error reads 'failed to retrieve game data from server. Banned. Update2: I logged into another account, level 18 to check, and received a red warning, I had only used this account once this past weekend with the updated bot, and had checked it before during the week, no issues. At this point I believe there is an issue with this new version. I have a different bot running with no issues, same bossland key. I tested one of the previous mentioned accounts on this other bot and no pokestops, no inventory, all monsters, all deleted.  Update3: I logged into another account, PTC this time, that had not been botted since before upgrading to the new version and checked, no red warning or ban message. This confirms, all accounts I checked that were used before the crazybot update to for PoGo v0.91.2 have no issues. Any accounts I used after the update were instantly detected and were banned or received a red warning.
    • Disable 2-factor doesn't work. You need to setup app password by following the step I provided.  
    • Not sure what's not working here, have already disabled 2-factor auth
    • Hey! It happens to me occasionally but the bot fixes itself and everything is good to go. It'll happen on new accounts that haven't logged in before because the bot has to automatically go through the motions and assign a random username. Please be aware that you should be using alt accounts as of now because the current API has a ban risk. Use device emulator for lower ban risk, don't bot a crazy number of hours in a day such as 15+ hours to avoid ban, and wait 2 idle hours in between drastic location changes to avoid soft bans. Have fun!
    • hello thanks for this amazing bot iam still getting this problem state initializing and after 10 minute of waiting is being fixed by itself is this kind of problem? i have the latest version
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    • By 0Rick_Sanchez0 · Posted
      The Bot is allways up-to-date, gets API compatiblity in about hours after an API update. There are Tons of settings to customize nearly every aspect of botting. It got a very good human like Botsystem to lower risk of ban but there is an option to let the Boss use a crazy Mode with a more aggressive style of botting. There is a helping community and a very good and familiar link between Community and Devs. So good suggestions of the Members will be integrated in the Bot.    Short: - Allways up-to-date - low to none ban risk because of many options   (Crazymode is own risk) - nice support and community - good community suggestions finding the way into the Bot
    • By hindergod · Posted
      Love this bot, Best one out, Constantly updated with new features. No ban issues. Very customized settings, You will not find a better Pokemon go bot! 
    • By Denson · Posted
      I love it! its working great, i know improvements are coming slowly but surely. and suggestions are heard. haven't had any ban issues but i do follow the sittings that is set to keep the account as human like as possible.   all in all 5 stars for the experience and how well it is working for the amount you are paying.
    • By sanjohn · Posted
      thanks luke, keep up the great work
    • By KUxSH · Posted
      Working great. Thank you!